Manhattan is a place of stories, of extremes, of firsts, and of experiences to be had only on this island. Every person we meet on the sidewalks, in elevators, and in building lobbies is adding new memories to the narrative of this cityscape in their minds.

In a global city of millions, what shape does this Manhattan of our memories take?

Manhattan Memories Map is a world-wide collaborative project for the Facebook AIR program that will visualize this living system of our collective memories.

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Studio Maravillas is a sibling duo: Jennifer Maravillas, a visual artist, and Matthew Maravillas, a software developer. Their work combines social and cultural investigation with digital cartography. This year they published 71 Square Miles, a cartography of Brooklyn made of trash. Matthew and Jennifer grew up in southeastern Virginia after an early childhood as military brats. Their earliest collaborations involved an endless array of Lego houses and worlds.

Jennifer is a Brooklyn-based visual artist and illustrator working with cartography. She creates portraits of cities and land in media ranging from found paper to watercolor with the aim of finding universalities across cultures.

Matthew is a full-stack software developer living near Raleigh, North Carolina, with dabbling interests in visualization and user interfaces.

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Type your memory as a Facebook post on the Manhattan Memories Map page or the caption of an Instagram photo.

Add the location of where the memory happened.

(We can't add your memory if we don't know where it took place.)

Tag your memory with: #manhattanmemoriesmap

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